Uno mismo (Album 2022)

Marcelo Roascio RCM

Instrumental Classic Rock

Thanks to a gracious recommendation by Luís Maldonalle, here comes a shot of Rock from South America, what apparently seems to be the stronghold of Instrumental heaviness. Because like Electronic Hip Hop beats mean artistic freedom to likes of Lofi Sofa, this is the playground for fantastic guitarists. 

Buenos Aires, Argentina is the setting of „Medianeras“ and home to crazy minds like Gaspar Noé („Enter The Void“) or Gastón Duprat and Mariano Cohn (“Competencia oficial“), as well as for Marcelo Roascio, mastermind of Roascio RCM. He is a guitar teacher and member of Dr. Rock (like the Motörhead track). After „En el lugar justo“ and „Todo en un día“, „Uno mismo“ is the next album for lovers of electric strings. 

On the cover, the project’s name is written on a pick. A useful item for what is awaiting the listener right from the beginning: silence disturbed by riffs, keys and groove. Deep Purple, Van Halen and Chickenfoot atomize the similar motivation, with classic structures, stunning transitions and dual solos reminding of Early Metal or MOTL.

For the realization of his visions, Marcelo could win e.g. Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake, Dead Daisies). Their feature „Rayos Y Truenos“ comes in fast pace, with a calmer Pink Floyd middle part, returning with a blast, that would let the hair fly live and with earthed sound.

The title track is build from wonderful lounge harmonies with Dire Straits / Supertramp / Santana impact, followed by „Rebell Yell“ of Billy Idol, that was covered by HIM as well, awakening oneself from the trance. „Nunca es tarde“ is like the link between „Be My Baby“ / „Civil War“ and „Dead Man Tell No Tales’79 era Motörhead, showing it is never „Too Late, Too Late“. 

With the surprising Madonna-song „Dress You Up“ we are going „Out Of The City“, before the next feature with Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson, Jeff Beck) and later Ricardo Iorio (V8, Hermética, Almafuerte). „Lo Siento Así“ was published as single, reminding of Gym Class Heroes.

All of this Heavy Classic Rock, Blues up to Post Grunge comes in this beautiful grounded costume. Like Instrumental Stoner, it is relaxing and wild at the same time, providing many lovely subtle details to be found.

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  1. Hola Andreas. I feel very excited about you liking my music. Again, muchas gracias. I send you a six-string saludo from Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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