Like A Training Camp

Doomraiser, TarLung, Devil Seed, Little Hole Filled, Kerbmaldarr

Doom Over Vienna XV – Day 1 presented by Soundwall Entertainment, Escape Metalcorner, Austria 20211119

As the sun settles in the afternoon and the country will be doomed on Monday, the final estination is the Escape. Because in those last days here, you can choose between Grindcore, Grunge, Stoner, Hard Rock or the Doom Over Vienna XV.

Sweet sounds of Classic Early Metal welcome the willing worshipers. Five bands are awaiting to spill their curse on you. Number one is Kerbmaldarr. They tell the sad truth as a joke, that they had to cancel more gigs than they have played. Their heavy tunes herald the wonderful evening. Between the songs, they like to insert quotes from Monty Python, our former chancellor or Falco talking about foreigners.

After 25 years, it is the first time in Vienna for Little Hole Filled. Their high quality Progressive attempt they have obviously perfected. Part of their inspiration singer Philipp Diesenreiter reveals wearing a Spirit Adrift-Shirt. With the next band Devil Seed, the direction changes, after sound engineer Niitro kindly asked „Is There anything else I can do for you?“. The five-piece from Hungary adds an occult flavour, claiming that Witchrock is not dead. Therefore their show feels as supernatural as a Stephen King scenario.

As following heavy outfit, the organisers could win fabulous TarLung. Since they could support e.g. Acid King, they were busy and recently put out their latest material „Architect“. It is their Sludge style, that makes their concerts a great experience every time again. Just like the final headliner Doomraiser. They are hailing from the Eternal City supported by Anubi Press, Narcotica Promotion and Time To Kill Records. Their huge sound is the perfect final for this first day of the festival, and is a good training for your neck muscles. As they are finished, the knowledge that we will return the next night fills with anticipation.