Great Rock Action Movie Soundtrack

Vulvarine, BonjourTropfen, Hörst

Arena Beisl Bierwoche Open Air, Arena Wien, Austria 20220802

Finally, the call „Bierwoche“ echoes through Erdberg again. One week full of great live music, good drinks and all of it for a free donation and open air. On Sunday, it started off with likes of The Devil’s Rejects, followed by Sloow and more on Monday.

Tuesday offers a fine line up as well, starting with five guys who dedicated themselves to everything considered nerdy. With a stormtrooper on their back, Hörst sing about the Hogwarts Express, Fortnite, Pokemon, gaming in shorts and cover „Ducktales“ and „Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles“. To sum it up, they just do everything right: their songs are fun, as are their lyrics, and in the hot settling sun, they give everything for a rememberable show.

Thinking about which movie soundtrack a band could be in, BonjourTropfen might appear in a Austrian dark comedy like „Muttertag“. They are part of the Pop Punk Community and played at Pirates Days. Lyrically, they talk about drinking and love and drinking because of love. Their alternative draft to gaming in shorts is going to the „Freibad“. For this one, they even get Viennese Rap legend A.geh Wirklich? on stage, plus they throw two beachballs into the audience, to get a little game going.

The strong appearance of Vulvarine makes think of Tarantino or Rodriguez films like „Death Proof“ or „Natural Born Killers“ featuring Juliette Lewis. Live, they keep everything that their records like „Dangerous“, „Rock Bottom“ and „Streetcat“ from „Unleashed“ (Electric Fire Records) or the brand-new „Dark Red“ promise. They perform with a lot of power, and at a point, Stevo from Reverend Backflash joins as he helped them out for some gigs. At the end, they place their cover of „Just A Girl“. And so, a wonderful concert night comes to its end. But this week isn’t over, and checking the latest Beisl flyer, names like Glue Crew and Kerbmaldarr catch the eye, and Vulvarine will hit the replugged soon..