Indus Valley Kings (Album 2021)

Indus Valley Kings

Alternative Fuzz Rock Stoner Groove Metal

The first word implements the fluid life and cultural source. The second is about the natural surroundings coming close and growing high. And the third one is about the gods under the sun like Jupiter, Horus or Chiyou, speaking of might.

Putting them in a row, the three terms are Indus Valley Kings. A heavy rocking three-piece from New York, summoning ancient faiths and transforming them for their own meanings. The name already creates images in one’s head. On the cover by Mauro Salmaso the symbolism continues. The surreal is just right there.

As influences the band name Corrosion of Conformity, Kyuss, Helmet and the early Ozzy-era of Black Sabbath. Especially the last one seems suitable hearing the voices and riffs. Recorded live at Shorefire Studios, the three are able to completely unfold themselves. The dynamic is right between them, like between The D, and the flexibility comes down in the tight performance.

So IVK released a live video for “Angels” from 89 North as well as for “Devil”. From the early beginning of the record, you can find feelings like from Soundgarden and Audioslave. In “Cactus People”, it is even a bit of The Beatles, while an animated video was put together.

Of course there is a lot of Metal too from slow Doom to faster Slayeresque Thrash, both in one song “The Method”. In “Remains Of Yesterday” the two voices and clean guitar bring in pure beauty plus the solo. The rhythm section has its parts as well, like in “Scapegoat”, the shortest track that reminds of the marvellous Monster Magnet.

Going deeper into this debut, Classic Rock, Blues and Grunge, they are all there. The groove and movement of likes of The Gebruder Grim here are peppered with amazing solos, vibrato and changes. A sound to transform to a god flying high above what is real or not.