Let go dancing in the rain

Spitting Ibex

Kultursommer Wien, Donauinselplatz, Vienna, Austria 20210718

With the Kultursommer, Vienna definitely has an outstanding event series in summer next to other ones like the Popfest. Actually there are so many acts and bands, that it appears kind of impossible to have an overview.

So on Friday the Bipolar Penguins played at the Kaiserwiese, where Cadû played the year before. And at the Wallensteinplatz, Gazal will perform in the first week of August. This Sunday, our way leads us to the Donauinsel. The marvellous concert area can be already seen from the subway. But at the moment we arrive, the rain is coming down and the lightnings are flashing across the island.

That is why Spitting Ibex starts with just a little delay. And even though the rain won’t stop until the gig is over, several people find their way to the stage and enjoy the seven-piece in a good temper. Over there musical style is the huge banner Funk, even though they experiment a lot with various sounds and effects. So on the one hand, the general impression quickly reminds of classics like “Play That Funky Music” or “Theme From Shaft”. On the other one, the usage of electronic sounds makes think of other danceable bands like Groove Armada, Stereo MCs and Basement Jaxx.

And so the visitors move their feet on the wet ground. The congas give the rhythm for it as well as the triangle. From their latest record “Love Hate Fear Fate” promoted by Simone Feichtinger, the song “Let it go” is a real highlight, letting go to any negative thought in the rain. Apart from the electronic impact, Spitting Ibex demonstrate, that they can be heavy rocking as well.

Their live energy soon can be witnessed again, as the group will return to the island for the Afrika Tage with acts like Almost Famous, Russkaja and Hans Theessink. And they will be part of the Beserlpark Festival and Südwind Straßenfest too.