Tinny Earthy Beauty Contrasts

New UrengoY, Razmotchiki Katushek

Fanialive Wien, Austria 20191121


The Fanialive at Vienna’s Gürtel is a place of good mood, nice drinks and sweet decoration. And it’s internationality comes down this evening with two bands with Russian roots.

First, the Industrial Electro Duo Razmotchiki Katushek gets on stage. Their catchy attempt was already hearable during the soundcheck. And after little technical adjustments, they deliver an amazing set that could work for a stadium as well. Armed with a bow and Chinch cable and a lot of more noise-making utilities, they creat a huge energy. After all, it is not clear how much might be improvised and on purpose, as they harmonize perfectly. Especially the drum solo of Ekaterina Fedorova and dance move of Remko Muermans.

New UrengoY who play the main slot are still outstanding. Their sitar, jewharp guitar and Ethno Psychedelic Rock sound they already presented at the Tunnel e.g. with the Whiskey Jam Band or at the Galerie am Roten Hof, Frau Mayer or Mi Barrio. They start with the title giving “New Urengoy” before heading to the “Seasons”. After “Autumn”, “Winter” and “Spring” comes “Summer“, directly followed by “No More Voice”. A brand new one is “Going To Be”, while their version of “Dancing Queen” is one of the most remarkable ones of their first record. “Melancholia” is about the mood of the inhabitants of Vienna. They point out, that their basically not doing covers but variations like of Sepultura’sKaiowas”. Also they dedicate the song to people who get repressed because of their colour or sexuality, and another to those who are not at home with their family during Christmas but outside and maybe don’t even have a sleeping bag.

This concert evening brought extraordinary music to the arcs 22 and 23. Soon, New UrengoY can be seen again at the Viper Room. In the meantime, you can listen to their live record or a live set of Razmotchiki Katushek.