A Dream Of A Local Line Up

Mothers Of The Land, Lowbau, The Röad Crew

Arena Wien – Kleine Halle, Austria 20211015

The Friday night feels like the reward for the passed week. At the Ottakringer Brauerei, Ganz Wien celebrates with Mother’s Cake and more. NoBack Booking takes over the Escape with The Zsa Zsa Gabor’s, The Rumperts and EWATDW. And another fabulous local line-up can be admired at the small hall of the Arena, where the talks are about likes of Gojira and Mondo Generator.

Two of the bands already played a Mini Open Air at the very place this summer. The third one is Lowbau, who start the evening powerfully. Their last show was at the 14th anniversary of the Viper Room, that was streamed live. Now they can let out their NOLA sound in front of their fans again. Their heavy CoC, Down, Two-by-Four and Crowbar-like Sludge is distinct in songs like „Alcoholic“ and „A Million Years Of Rain“. Between the songs, they like to do many jokes on Covid.

Compared to Lowbau, Mothers Of The Land like to talk way less. And they like to joke about this fact, that like in their instrumental music, talking is no their thing. But with this wonderful music, there is not much to say. It feels like they are searching for the biggest riff ever so maybe next time they will appear in the list of the best riffs by Visions. Basically they wanted to release „Hunting Grounds“ with this gig, that they brought with them on vinyl. Within their huge compositions, they have the agility to sound classic like Lynyrd Skynyrd in one moment and like Motörhead in the next.

For the assigned Motörhead fan, the amazing Röad Crew appears as midnight special. They played open air twice this summer and supported Earth at replugged presented by Musicjunky Bookings. Their set is a dream again. It includes the traditional moves like hooking the fingers in “Metropolis“. Plus it features many other old pearls and delicacies like the Bowie cover „Heroes“ and of course a fulminant final „Overkill“.