Humor of the Undertaker and Dreamsongs from the Ground

Juleah (Julia Hummer / Henry Galehr), Konrad Bönig

Stream In – Kunst hilft Kunst by Armin Weber’s Theatermobil at the Theatergarage 20200511


The biggest acts internationally play #DaheimDabeiKonzerte, the Austrian ones you find at Stream Austria and the ones from Vorarlberg at SYLA or the Theatermobil. Lately, Martina Gmeinder with Ekkehard Breuss and Mirjam Steinbock were there. And Evelyn Fink-Mennel with Philipp Lingg and wonderful Michael Köhlmeier as well as representatives of the Altes Kino, Ensemble Unpop and poolbar are expected.

Tonight, the genius combination of music and poetry and talks features Julia Hummer and Henry Galehr of Juleah and Konrad Boenig. Just like e.g. Magic Delphin, Worlds Worst Poet or gab&gal, with whom Julia played at the Spielboden, the band started as solo project, covering BRMC. Now it is a full band, related to Finn Parker, playing “Neo-Psychedelia”. Konrad as mortician has interesting stories to tell, usually through songs, this time mostly with short poems.

Juleah start with their first set, giving a overall Rock feeling ranging from Indie to Grunge to Stoner to Blues and Folk. Henry gives the perfect guitar companionship with beautiful solos including a bottleneck. Julia partly plays a twelve-string, but her signature is her voice, which is soft and at the same time not a bit weak but incredibly strong and present.

They mention the Musikladen, that chose their forth album as vinyl tip. People from the US, France or Greece are watching while they are compared to 1969s San Francisco sound. When it comes to Konrad’s part, he starts reading short, sweet and funny six-liners. All of them concern a special character: the know-it-all, stay-at-home, morning grouch or, coming to his profession, the mortician, he also plays a song about.

Both parties alternate what is the special trademark of the Theatermobil concept. Juleah’s “spherical” sound, as host Armin entitles it, and the humorous lyrics and ditties of Konrad reminding of the “Funeral Art” and “In Ewigkeit Amen” work together amazingly, making this stream another fulfilling experience.