Soaring Hopes Of Rock’n’Roll Gods

Old Mrs. Bates, Junipa Gold, Juleah

Presented by Rola Music at B72 Wien, Austria 20221203

Besides the Haus der Musik, it feels like the B72 has become the headquarter of Rola Music. In November, they brought Blaqrock and Jolphin to the place, and this cold first December Saturday, they put together a package of three different but fitting bands. 

Number one arrived from Vorarlberg by train: Juleah travelled quite a bit since they played at Remise. So they visited e.g. the Jazz:it and the Psychberg Fest at the Hole Berlin and in February, they will perform at Hugo Pansen. Tonight, the first part of their set mainly consists of songs from the latest album „Stoked On Planet Summer“, including their running gag, that they can’t pronounce „El Paisaje Se Mueve“. The great interaction of the guitars and the changes of pace guarantee a wonderful live experience.

The second formation Junipa Gold has their origin in Vorarlberg as well, but arrived from Munich, where they had a gig the night before. It is a concert full of devotion, as it isn’t their first time at B72, as they tell. Especially the final one before the encore „When The Kingdoms Collide“ from „Something Divine“ convinces the crowd from their great Alternative Rock. The last chance to catch them live this year will be at the lovely Corner Salzburg together with Colour Line.

As third in line, Old Mrs. Bates (not to confuse with Baits) come on stage. They live just around the corner of the venue and end their „Nothing Makes Sense“-Tour, which they started at the Waves Festival at Fanialive. The EP includes the strong „Cold Place“ and four more songs. Live, „Meadow“ and a new one are soaring, as the duo performs their Heavy Blues Rock without compromises like Hangover Division, Wolfmother, The White Stripes or The Black Keys. After Psychedelic and Alternative, they are the fulminant finish of this Rock’n’Roll show, while DeeCRACKS and Dim Prospects fill the Punk hearts at Arena and the EKH..