Alltagshelden (2017)


Instrumental Beat Music


It all starts off with such an immense groove, that immediately the head is moving with the rhythm: The first EP by Kendler convinces from the very first note, bringing something to the clubs and your home audio system, that has never been there.

It is the combination of their instruments, their musical minds and their passion for what they do, that makes the music of Kendler so special. Already the first track “Yoko Mono” starts with this incredible bass line of Martin Burk, but of course not played on a bass guitar but on a doublebass, that delivers a mighty sound. The drums of Michael Schatzmann (Treasureman) kind of imperceptibly completes the basic framework, and just adds some superficially electronics. On this musical carpet, Aaron Hader enters with his saxophone. Fine and soft in the beginning, you can already find some little details, that are one speciality of this group.

In the refrain, they pump up the volume and the saxophone melody moves in the foreground, shrill and piercing and in a very own style. Maybe a little bit weird, but in a good way, and combined with the rocking drums and the rolling bass moving every audience. The same applies to the second track called “Fahrradfahren” – bicycling. The inapprehensible beautiful melody of this basically more calm arrangement really transmits the feeling of riding a bike on a wonderful day, and at the peak it sounds like a whole orchestra.

Also “Karma” presents itself more quiet and with more synthesizer sounds but also more distorted sax, before the musical journey is fulfilled with the title track “Alltagshelden”, that actually feels like the logical development of this Instrumental Beat Music, as Kendler decided to name their sound.


Release Date: 2017-04-18
Format: CD
Number of Titles: 4
Duration: 17 Min.
Line-up: Aaron Hader (Sax, Synthesizer), Martin Burk (Doublebass), Michael Schatzmann (Drums, Electronics)
Production: Kendler and Treasureman
Artwork: Sabine Pichler