Online Label Night

One Week Records Interfest

Hosted by Peter Melby and Joey Cape 20200328


Saturday night in Austria, the perfect time for another live stream event. As the hosts are sitting in the US, the whole event starts at 10 pm. Before one can be hooked on the Viper Room stream featuring Blink-182, Sum 41, Green Day, Pennywise and more or watch the Acoustic Project.

One Week Records then presents a label night online like Rola Music or Cut Surface did, but on the internet. Boss Joey Cape introduces “all friends of mine that I hardly ever see”. Sam Chalcraft, who supported him at the B72 last summer, does the start with “Atone”, after he played the SBAMotine already the day before.

What follow is a great time for the protagonists as well as for the viewers. Between the songs by Chris Cresswell, Chad Price, Zach Quinn, Brian Whalstrom, Seth Anderson, Donald Spence, Laura Mardon, Walt Hamburger, Chad Rex, Dani LlamasBetty Jaeger, and Jo Bergeron.

As much fun as the songs are the conversations about recording and touring. Like in Melbourne, where Joey couldn’t wait for the Bloody Mary and had the straw already in his mouth before he actually received it and he was peeing a lot when touring Madrid with Chris and getting Dani to play a song unprepared.

Zach seems to have left his glasses and car at Brian’s place in San Diego, and they seem to enjoy that they’re “first time all in one place”, as basically they’re spread all over the planet. In the set of nearly thirty songs, highlights are hard to pick, but Dani’s “Survivors” stays as well as “Sobering Up” by Betty and “Little Bones” by Chris and Zach’s meemaw dancing in the back at his final.

And even though none of Joey’s band Lagwagon cares what he does “outside of the band”, this is probably the most fun Skype / Discord / Squadcast / Zoom or whatever-chat you could have this marvellous night and the opportunity to get to know the One Week Records family.