A Release with Friends at the Pulse of Time

Kid Pex, Def Ill, KGW 3

„Pexit“ Album Releaseparty, Chelsea Wien, Austria 20221110

Only one day after the event series Wetterleuchten features Mo Cess & Chrisfader at Kramladen, the next huge Hip Hop highlight happens right next door at Chelsea. It is an album releaseshow, that includes the who is who of the local scene.

Beats from Snoop Dogg and Ice Cube welcome the guests, before Esra from EsRap and the Gürtel Squad starts her moderation. As first support act, she introduces KGW 3, a young formation like GAS or Broke MCs. They convinces immediately with their fantastic stage presence. Their sound with the trumpet and German lyrics reminds of likes of Fettes Brot, Blumentopf and Scheibsta. They play new songs like „Out Of The Dark“ and „Into The Light“, start a moshpit and sing a part a cappella.

After the positive mood from KGW 3, it gets essentially darker with Def Ill . He appeared for example at the Duzz Down San blockparty and once again, he delivers a stunning performance including track like “Süchtig” and featuring Zion Flex at a point. And in only two weeks, he will release a new album as well. About tonight’s headliner he points out, that he is a Rapper that doesn’t only talk but act, and he will return several times during this gig.

Kid Pex is active for SOS Balkanroute and hosted a charity weekend at Cafe Carina lately. He had many hits with likes of Penetrante Sorte and now he presents „Pexit“ with DJ King (Deine Mutter Studio). The first block of songs includes „Keep It Jugo Do it Svabo“, „Nein Brate“ and „Antifašista“. Then the long list of guests starts with Antifamilia. Unfortunately Gazal had to cancel but he plays the features „Wien Oida“ and „Neue Wöd“. Bernhard Rabitsch of Drahdiwaberl, Def Ill, Esrap, Bloody MC, A.geh Wirklich?, KGW 3 and MML all join on stage to perform one song at least. 

After two encores, Kid Pex ends an outstanding release show with countless great moments and guests. And an album like you can only wish for.