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Von der Blaskapelle zum Popstar – Die blühende Musikszene Vorarlbergs (2022)


It actually is a common way to start a musical career in Vorarlberg by playing in a brass formation or learn at a music school like in Feldkirch. Since a book draw a portrait of the scene in 2007, now a documentary from the series „Erlebnis Österreich“ that told the story of the picture on for example, does the same.

Nikolaus Küng starts his excursion at the Jazzseminar Dornbirn, where Nnella did her first steps in the acoustic art. Drone shots separating the scenes show places like the Villa Müller or the Konservatorium. One of the most popular acts he does an interview with is Prinz Grizzley, who even crossed the ocean while touring and works as painter when he gets back.

Of course, the Szene Openair as biggest festival is part of the program as well as the poolbar festival hosting Hearts Hearts. Organizer Herwig Bauer shares his thoughts as producers. The award Sound@V is honored as platform, that helps artists to gain publicity and display the diversity, as Johannes Loss of Fiesta Forever points out.

Junipa Gold then tell about their history and recording in their own little studio before a brief summary of Philipp Lingg’s development. Figures like one hundred active bands and solo artists underline the high interest in the small country for music, and more bands like Brendan Adams, Mona Ida, Deadbeatz, GAS, Magdalena Grabher, Still and LaRisa are shown.

Vorarlberg is in a good position to get to play somewhere abroad, Prinz Grizzley states. And there is a lot going on, even though the documentary of only 25 minutes of course is way to short, to go deeper. So it only scratches the surface, but in a smooth way, it lets many protagonists of all fields give their opinion. The viewer gets a glimpse behind the scenes, illustrated with a lot of live footage.