At the harbour and the beach

Blinded By Stardust, gab&gal

Debut Album „What Life’s All About“ Release Show, B72 Wien, Austria 20181019


Since years, the B72 is a great opportunity weather you are looking for a relaxed concert mansion or for a nice club evening. That is why acts like LILI, Onk Lou or Magic Delphin like to celebrate their release shows there, as well as another act this night.

Lanterns in the back from the very first second give this familiar atmosphere of a campfire or living room session. As support, the band invited gab&gal from Vorarlberg. They played their last release gig of their second record “Feronia” here too. But as always they got something new. The opener “Second Friend” and closer “Death” stay the same, but inbetween they even deliver a brand new tune with the working title “Monday Blues”, including whistling and making one think of Britpop star Noel Gallagher of Oasis.

A short break later, Blinded By Stardust climb the boards. Already some years ago they played at Balcony TV, and since this year, a FS1 Studio Session can be found on YouTube. Their appearance not only features the lanterns, but also a very nice logo. Musically, it feels like a soundtrack of a country. But not a specific one, it could be in the south, maybe a harbour in France, in Ireland or even maybe up north, Finland at the beach of Yyteri. This is because of the instruments, especially the violin, that is a bearing part of the sound. Than you got an Ukulele and even a mouth harp, everything you need for a beautiful structure.

This beautiful structure they now banned on a record, „What Life’s All About“. Especially tunes like „Follow The Sun“ got a wonderful character. And the „Alternative Folk Pop Rock with Blues“ of Blinded By Stardust got an exciting future.