Eternal Electrified Hunter

Black Rainbows, Great Rift

Pandaemonium Tour 2018, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20180403


Only one week after Ufomammut, another Italian heavy institution honors a Viennese location. In their luggage, they have their new record called “Pandaemonium”, that has its release date this Friday.

As the first support Fortnyte unfortunately have to cancel their show, the concert evening starts with the fabulous Great Rift who are named after dust clouds in outer space. In July last year they published their debut EP “VoodooWoodland” with a remarkable artwork by Edison Wormhole. Since then they have played several gigs throughout the area, and on 30th June their album “Vesta” will see the light of day. From that one, they play e.g. a new ballad, that in the calmer parts reveals the diversity of Thomas’ voice. 70’s Psychedelic inspired straight stoner rock with very nice solis, this is how it should be done.

Also the Black Rainbows can score with their ballad and their new tunes from “Pandaemonium” respectively. Their constant touring activity from the Graf Hugo in Feldkirch, the MARK Salzburg or as support of Brant Bjork makes it impossible to forget about them as well as their live energy. The raw sound combined with the attitude and the high level of their releases since years makes it so much worth to see them again every single time. Not to forget about the spacy sounds that even gives fans of Hawkwind or Øresund Space Collective a little extra to enjoy. The sound at the Viper Room is crisp and unfortunately just a little too loud but still possible to stand without ear protection so the audience gets the feeling of “Electrify”, being followed by “The Hunter” and can go “High To Hell”.

Coming from the Eternal City, this group keeps fascinating with one big riff after another and exploring the diversity of heavy rock music. Ah yeah and new drummer Filippo Ragazzoni delivers a great job!