Like It Hot (Album 2023)


Heavy / Blues / Stoner / Rock’n’Roll

Americana or the American way has been spilling over an influencing culture and media ever since. In the sixties, Western movies were big in European cinema and especially at the moment, Country and Bluegrass from Seasick Steve, Blues Saraceno, Tenacious D or Buck Satan and the 666 Shooters have an impact on musicians like The Picturebooks, Carus Thompson, Prinz Grizzley, Deadbeatz or Two-By-Four

Another duo from the picturesque region Normandy in France is Lady’Stealer have perfectioned the way on their debut „Like It Hot“. Right from the beginning, they work with all given elements like a Gospel intro in „Liar and Slave“ like Johnny Cash or Paul Plut jumping in like Maylene and the Sons of Disaster. The effect on the voice fits, the drums hit and the guitar slides go up to the bridge like Zac Brown, before the chorus returns. 

A (live) highlight is „Junkyard Museum“, that points with its swinging vibe, before they take on the role of the narrator in „The Witch Of Yazoo City“ reminiscent of Rob Zombie and Black Stone Cherry, Kings Of Leon and Lynyrd Skynyrd because of the Southern sound. 

Like for Go! Go! Gorillo or Ewïg Frost, a Boogie must not be missing, before the quieter White Stripes / Nazareth intro of „Five In A Row“ that goes on in Bob Seger and ZZ Top manner with harmonica before the „White Shark Café“ ending. The following parts make think of games like „Desperados“ or „Enemy Remains“ and further of „Thriller“ in the bridge of „Midnight Ride“ (not Run). 

After this surprise, another highlight is „Chasing Men“, that will take people dance live too and ends in „Whorehouse Blues“ style. Obviously, Lady’Stealer know their craft. Riffs, storytelling and danceable beats are all there, as they are nailing it in terms of content, instruments and effects.