The Rainbow Experience

Siniestra Kabaret, Black Terror, Legions

Metal Mayhem Mondays, Rainbow Bar & Grill, Los Angeles, California 20190401


For Fans of Lemmy and Motörhead, the Rainbow Bar & Grill at the Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles is one of the most iconic places. Taking a look on Google Street View, the also legendary Roxy right next door has got Anvil announced on it, and view steps more down the road you can find the Whisky A Go-Go and the Viper Room.

When you arrive at the Rainbow, the big sign first catches your eye. Walking down the alley, there are Lemmy paintings on the walls to your left and right. The welcoming outdoor area directly leads to the Lemmys Lounge, decorated with more pictures, Motörhead tables and the famous Lemmy statue. But if you think that was it, you’re way wrong.

Stepping inside, you get greeted friendly. To the left, there is a quite big dining area, with a lot of pictures and Rock memorabilia too. A little bit in the back there is another bar, and the stairway to the restrooms and the live stage. That very Monday there was Metal Mayhem hosted by Jenny Muse, three bands playing for free.

The first one of the night starting at 10:30 pm is Legions. A very convincing kind of heavy and melodic Alternative Post Hardcore formation, with amazing riffs and grim vocals reminding of Canvas. Hopefully it will be possible to purchase tunes like “Anger” soon. During the break, you can listen to Rap music, before one hour after Legions began, it is the turn of Black Terror (of the Kodan). A more speedy Punk approach, yet another great headbanging opportunity, while the (Phoenix) girls are dancing in the back and you can enjoy an Angel City IPA.

At 12:30 am, Siniestra Kabaret are the last to play. Their appearance is a conscious eye-catcher, their sound dedicated Gothic Industrial, bit similar to Marilyn Manson. One more magnificent live impression, that kind of creates the feeling, that right in here, everything is possible. Just like the legend, who always went his way, and now you can read it all over the place: Lemmy lives here! (Just like in Phil Campbell and the Bastard Sons, Nordic Beast, Little Villains, Asomvel, Bömbers or Vibratör.)