One Last From The Past

The Röad Crew, Venator

Lemmy Tribüte Memorial Party, Arena Wien – Dreiraum, Austria 20221230

One Day before New Year’s Eve and after a two years break, finally the already legendary Lemmy Tribute Night of the Arena Beisl can take place again. As birth and death of the Rock’n’Roll God lie close together, the date is perfectly chosen, and due to the great rush, the live action happens at the Dreiraum.

Once again, the gig poster was designed by Bernie Luther, displaying a kind of Zombie version of Mr. Kilmister himself. While the DJ Line of Richmond Slut at the Beisl warms up the guests with tunes like „Safe In New York City“ and „The Chase Is Better Than The Catch“, more and more pilgrimate to the concert stage.

As Venator start, it gets obvious, that they could have taken the hall next door. Because for short time, they even have to stop the entry, as the place gets too crowded. So many are still outside or have to listen to the music at the bar. Inside, the Heavy Metal youngsters let the hair fly and raise the fists to the sky, like they did at the First Vienna Frost Cruise.

Obligatory and ultimate tribute part of this yearly memorial party is The Röad Crew, who played at the place the last time in summer. They include many classics and hits in the beginning like „Killers“, „Stay Clean“ and „No Voices“. Several guest musicians support songs like „In The Name Of Tragedy“, including ‚Vienna’s Eddie Van Halen‘. Basically every song can be considered a highlight, but „America“, „Just Cos You Got The Power“, „Love Me Forever“, „Orgasmatron“, „Dancing On Your Grave“, „God Was Never On Your Side“ and „Hellraiser“ are ahead in one’s own ranking. 

The Röad Crew nail it as usual, with great sound, the cool voice and neat appearance. And there is no better way to put it like the social media comment telling „No sleep ’til Erdberg“.