Meet The Who Is Who

Nonexister, Twangmen, Stator

Rauhnächte presented by Adapter at Remise Bludenz, Austria 20221228

As the snow won’t fall and the hills are green in the nearby skiing resorts like Brand or Golm, the association Adapter let the snow fall from a projector, showing the image of this years’ Rauhnächte. For their event series ‘Intervalle’, they invited likes of DeadBeatz, Peter The Human Boy and MoreEats. And for the Rauhnächte this winter, they have Jesse and Marder 4000 who will welcome the new year at Theater am Saumarkt on day one, and three more highlights on day two.

Stator can be considered as one long-established Vorarlberg original, playing on stages like the Emisgen Beisl with Shizoey, poolbar with Truckfighters, Schlachthaus with Conan or Graf Hugo since over ten years and releasing records like the split with Riverwitch. Tonight, they deliver a lot of melody. Still, a string breaks, so drummer Enno Lingg sings „On A Hill“ with the audience. Their Stoner Post Rock even gets a Blues touch, and as final they decide to perform „Sungrind“. 

The five-piece Twangmen have built their soundwalls at Kramladen, Chybulski or TiK before. Especially the keys and cello create the surface, that comes down the speakers and occupy your ears. The few words, they address to the crowd they wrote down on a piece of paper, realizing that this was unnecessary. And they tell, how they wanted to find a place to drink something before the show, but it was not possible in the town of Bludenz. 

After these two great Psychedelic trips, the atmosphere gets darker and gloomy with Nonexister from Zurich, Switzerland. For them, it is their concert premiere. The songs feel like they could be from The Cure or Placebo for example. Only one is in German and more Sprechgesang. They announce the release of their very first single in March. And on stage, the great light done by the voluntary technicians of Adapter helps the strong performance. 

Like this, the Rauhnächte come to a great end. And looking through the audience, the interest is big, especially as many music colleagues found their way to the Remise like members from Gallowhead, Junipa Gold, Night Of One Sadist, Darby & Joan, Via Matto and Stereo Ida, who just appeared at Engel Dornbirn.