Music All Over The Place

The Röad Crew, Steel Burner

Delivering The Gods – The Ultimate Tribute Night, Arena Beisl Bierwoche Open Air, Arena Wien, Austria 20220804

While Roadtrip To Outta Space presents Witch and King Buffalo and has a lot more names like Pentagram, Pallbearer, Elder and Deafheaven in the backhand, the Arena Beisl Bierwoche goes into its fifth round for this year already. After a lot of great original music with for example Vulvarine, BonjourTropfen and Hörst on Tuesday, it is time for a cover tribute night.

The British Heavy Metal legends Judas Priest put out „Firepower“ in 2018 with a release show at Battle Axe. Also they should have been touring with Deaf Rat, and like Stone Sour, Slayer, Motörhead, Dio and Bowie, they have a Graphic Novel now. So the grandmother of the singer of Steel Burner said, they better should not take on their name, because the people might recognize it, he jokes. But they deliver an enthusiastic show featuring a lot of hits like „Better By You, Better Than Me“, „Grinder“ and „Victim Of Changes“ like when sharing the stage with Roswell 606. Between, they plead for support of artists of all kind, before going on with a strong sound and more classics like „Breaking The Law“, „The Ripper“ and „Diamonds & Rust“. 

As second cover band, The Röad Crew pay tribute to the mighty Motörhead. They appeared lately at the Austrian Metal Salute and are Bierwoche regulars. For the start, they celebrate the 40th anniversary of „Iron Fist“. As usual, they pick a certain surprise song, which they didn’t want to play at first as they tell. But as they do, the audience can enjoy the wonderful „All For You“ from the 1987 „Rock ’n’ Roll“ album (having the same name as the 2004 album of Annihilator). Unfortunately, they have to finish at ten, so they close with „Killed By Death“, „Ace Of Spades“, „Overkill“ and „Motörhead“. It has been a big pleasure like always, and as the night fades with talks about more music like Teufelnacht, the next days MOTL and Great Rift are waiting.