Be Aware Of The Live Monster

Leoniden, Pabst

Complex Happenings Tour Pt. 1 presented by DIFFUS Magazin, The Postie, Spoon Agency and Landstreicher Booking, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20220419

As the world keeps turning, the 2020 „Looping Tour“ turned to the „Complex Happenings Tour Pt. 1“. And within just a few years, this headliner played at poolbar and Dynamo Festival or Konstanz, a gig at the B72 was cancelled, then Grelle Forelle, and now they visit Vienna again at the big hall of the Arena.

Their support band is Pabst (‘Crushed by the weight of the world‘) from Berlin. The three-piece scores with cool songs like „Ibuprofen“ about the painkiller of the same name, that is “important on tour”. „Blues Rock is not made for mosh pits“, they were told, but they are here to proof the opposite. Raw Grunge can be found in their sound as well as good old classic Rock’n’Roll, and as final, they cover „Kiss Me“ of Sixpence None The Richer.

Named after a meteor shower, the Leoniden come with full force from the furthest north of Germany, more precise from Kiel. Landstreicher Booking takes care of them like of K.I.Z. and Kraftklub. And so the formation, already famous for their impressive live appearance, present especially songs from their third album with the smart title „Complex Happenings Reduced to a Simple Design“. They know how to work with their audience, starting with clapping, kneeling and a circle pit. Singer Jakob doesn’t stay on stage but dives, and from the grandstand at the other side of the hall, he performs the covers of Liquido, Ben E. King, Avril Lavigne to „the greatest chorus“ by Robbie Williams

Just within few years, the Leoniden managed to gather a fanbase, that celebrates their songs knowing the lyrics very accurately, so half of the song, the band doesn’t even has to play. With all the energy, they bring with them, they probably will be able to grow beyond. Because there are already fans out there, being familiar with the music and keen for the live show, that will convince them a hundred percent.