Easter Is Colliding This Year

Panzerfaust, Velnias, Gates Of Sleep

Death-Drive Projections Europe MMXXII, Escape Metalcorner Wien, Austria 20220418

Down the stairs of the Escape, Fen and Frostmoon Eclipse were one dark highlight lately. This easter, on Sunday Liquid Steel, Vulvarine and Red Machete bring in the Heavy Rock, and on Monday, some blasting Black Metal is ahead.

With the name Gates Of Sleep, the local support has the reverse abbreviation of SOG. They opened e.g. for Downfall of Gaia and Hamferð, and Metal Lab invited them for their Austrian Metal Salute at Viper Room soon. From a stoical silence the storm breaks loose. Like a subway across the arcs it sounds above. Spotlights, fog and amps like grave lights are the visual part for their furious set, that includes a touch of Black’n’Roll too.

In the second third of the evening, it gets more technical with Doom elements as Velnias sends out their Blackened Folk. In the red light, they build their atmosphere, spreading like across the Barker Reservoir at their home Nederland, Colorado. This atmosphere can be found again in the beautiful artwork of their records, as they present them on vinyl at the merch.

From the Rocky Mountains crossing the continent to Toronto, Canada, Panzerfaust (like the Darkthrone album) are tonight’s headliner. At the legendary Dark Easter Metal Meeting, the Backstage made their stand to let them play like Marduk, as the Metal Hammer reported as well. The sound of the musical weapon is driven by crazy drums, that can push extremely during a workout. Like from a pulpit, Goliath turns his thumbs downwards like the emperor in the ancient world. At the end, the string section is on their knees, holding their instruments behind their heads looking like at a cross. A wonderful extreme easter concert, where the pressuring sound nearly blows you back the stairs and the thundering quakes makes you happy to stay.