Walking On The Edge (Single 2022)


80s Pop Post-Punk

Lights. It took few years for humanity to learn about them. And it took some way to come from pure fire to the bulb to 18000 W spotlights, that can create the daylight for a film. So many artists at least sang about lights like U2, Manfred Mann’s Earth Band, Nelly Furtado, Graveyard or The Weeknd.

To make sure, that his name still can be found, Vienna based producer and musician Miljan Živaljević used a simple but effective trick and added a double consonant: Lightts. Apart from this solo project, he has worked with likes of nadjuledj or on movies like „Galaksija“ or „Lux Clara“. 

Now he’s ready with his second single after „Eyes Closed“, for which a music video was shot in Novi Sad and Lavirint Art took care of the props and costumes. „Walking On The Edge“ is the strong title making think of the Scorpions song of the same name but also of Grandmaster Flash and Mos Def.

In the lyrics, Miljan reflects the „duality of human nature“, about „‚lovers‘ that are actually poisons“. A bit of the duality shines through in the cover, that is blurred in pink. The logo is an eye, that is somehow strikethrough and has eyelashes like sun beams, reminding of the ancient Egypt.

Immediately, the song brings up an 80s feeling with the synthesizer sound and kick drum like Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Billy Idol or Duran Duran. Stylistically charged, the melody and the cue of the snare invite to dance like Greyshadow. At the same time, there is a little gloomy touch as well, like in Dark Goth Rock of Ville Valo or Vazum.

The chorus wins over with its guitar, dancing through the lights of the clubs in a nightly metropolis. Only for the bridge, the reins are slackened shortly, before the refrain comes back in again, following the undertow of the city.