Never Forget The Sound Of The Electric Guitar

Dead Lord, The Riven

Live in Very Rocking Concert at Escape Metalcorner Vienna, Austria 20220309

All good comes from the North. Or what comes from the North is all good. Of course this is not true in general, but in case of the fabolous line-up of this night, it is.

Hailing from Stockholm like Bloodbath, Clawfinger or General Surgery, band number one is The Riven. They have their new single „On Time“ under their arm, out via Sign Records. Also they pay tribute to the „Finnish Woods“, an amazing place to go fast with a snowmobile, do ice fishing and make a barbecue with sausages on a frozen lake. This song is included on their self-titled debut with its cover by Maarten Donders that catches the eye. Singer Charlotta Ekebergh convinces with her powerful voice and everyone is moving, still bassist Maximilian Ternebring is the most active of all. And as the guitars fly, the spirits of likes of Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin spread through the room.

Time for the night’s main act. Dead Lord were one of the last bands in town together with Lucifer before the anew break. Now they are back as one of the first international groups again. They open with track one from their latest „Surrender“, which cover reminds of Krooked Tongue, while singer Hakim Krim spells his crazy look on the crowd, making think of the Black Rainbows or Nightstalker, who should have played in the city too. Their set includes songs from the great „Heads Held High“ as well as the D-A-D cover from „Dystopia“. „Messin’ Up“ demonstrates their proximity to Audrey Horne, but also The Hellacopters, Night Viper or Rebel Riot are not far away. A perfect match for fans of Roadburn action like DeWolff, Wolvennest and Hexvessel or Fuzz Fests with Truckfighters and Spidergawd. A Classic Hard Rock’n’Roll Heavy Metal party on a Wednesday, even if the band mixes up the days already, earning laughters. And a feeling of relief, to hear the electric guitar again, so it’s not forgotten as Hakim jokes.