A Party Of Music In Sacred Walls

Triptonus, Lurch

„Soundless Voice“ Album Release Show presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space at Arena Wien – Kleine Halle, Austria 20220311

The cold is crawling under the skin, as a very special Roadtrip To Outta Space opens the doors of the Arena again. And that just one week before the next outstanding event is happening: The Raw Stuff exhibition by Aplacefortom with live music by The Heavy Minds and Moon Woman

As opener of this night, Lurch enter the boards in front of an already pretty crowded small hall. The distortion echoes heavily outside, as the rhythm train takes on speed at the very place, where the band celebrated its debut concert. They convince with nice arrangements, driven by guitar passages, while the bass keeps moving. So their tracks can hide surprises at every moment, like dual guitar work, serving fluffy melodies.

Main act and reason for the evening are Triptonus, celebrating their new record „Soundless Voice“ after their self-titled album from 2015 and the EP „Sprout“. It includes a catchy artwork by Andrei Puică and nine honed songs. As influences, they list Stoner, Metal, Jazz and World Music, what they demonstrated e.g. as support of Rotor. Tonight, they call the machine the ‚Triptolurch Rollercoaster‘. Their instrumental freak-outs they can build torturing slowly, yet at the same time, changes can come fast. It’s an incredible overwhelming feeling of spacy psychedelic musical joy they spread, making think of Cadû, Øresund Space Collective, Slift, Earthset and Sunhaze Reflection

At a point, one could think, the percussion section must have bleeding fingers, playing the djembe fast in complete ecstasy. The didgeridoo still grabs the attention of course on stage, but so do the spoons as another rhythm instrument too. And as the wild ride comes closer to an end, there is yet more awaiting for the cheerful audience. Because the party continues with Satan’s Finest Record Selection, with hot tunes on black gold.