Vital Signs from the Slaughterhouse


Livestream-Konzert Kulturcafé Schlachthaus, Dornbirn, Austria 20200621

Finally it seems concert planning is actually possible again at places like the Viper Room, Venster99, Fluc, Kramladen and how they’re all called. At the Café Carina, Iron Snag Joe even played already or Peter The Human Boy at the LP Café. And at the Schlachthaus, where Orchid played with Troubled Horse as well as Dead Lord, the “disco for the deaf” took place and Mortician will support Tygers Of Pan Tang, a real Hip Hop band streams their new material.

Years ago, the formation linksabbiegA released a first song online entitled “Leben”. Several other songs followed like “z’Vorarlberg”, “Dialekt Bounce”, “Leerer Kopf”, “Was ich brauch” or “Bitte friedlich”. At the Protestsongcontest they presented “Dankbar, they played at the poolbar and in late 2019, they went on mini-tour including the Tivoli and Klappe 2.

After some new recordings, this live stream performance marks the finish of an obviously very productive time of the band. On the controllers, they have Wolfgang Reutz, who does the live mixing at e.g. the Between or Vaudeville as well. Seven songs, they let the internet world enjoy this Sunday evening with them. Plus, on the left-hand side of the stage, artist Lena Bell is working on a special picture in the meantime.

The band starts one after another, drums first, followed by the bass, the guitar and then singer Philipp. The lyrics nicely tell stories from everyday life like going out, assuming that the most beautiful thing at night are empty streets. On a sample they play from “The Godfather Theme”, he talks about hanging out at the river, writing songs and the recordings of the last days. The singing style out of some reason reminds of Jan Delay but also of Laurin Buser.

The first single will be “Leben ist gar nicht schwer” as they tell. Also one is really fun that  includes a repetitive“Woo-Ha”, and with “Die Kerze brennt” they have a sex-song. As final they play a cover of Busta Ryhmes and Mariah Carey, with a Coolio snippet at the end.