Rip Out My Heart (Single 2021)

Churchpenny Allstars

Blues Rock Funk Stoner Pop

What if you take the Blues from grandmasters like BB King and Eric Clapton. Combine it with some Funk as Miles Davis was exploring it, James Brown made it big and Mark Ronson and The Weeknd benefit from. And then transfer it to modern times. Like the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Only further. To the digital age. The future. And beyond.

With „Pigeon Paradise“, the Churchpenny Allstars conquered the stages like at the Café Carina, Tunnel, Local or Club 1019. With songs like „Mr. Matters“, „Underwaterman“, „Golden Flakes“ or „Spin My Dolly“, they spelled their curse on their audience. The single release for „Rip Out My Heart“, they celebrated at a secret venue, and support comes from their label Viennatmosphere (Skatapult, Black Cats & Cigarettes).  

In the beginning they let there be drums like Oasis or other locals like Ruhmer or gab&gal. The vibe is classic Rock from Slash, Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons or Chickenfoot, shifting to Black Stone Cherry or Welshly Arms. But then there is the Funk. And even further, the lyrics are pretty violent, that they could be from a Death Metal act like Autopsy or Obituary.

„Yeah you can kill my body, but you ain’t gonna kill my soul“ is the strong statement, underlined by a rolling bass, now bringing up pertinent movie soundtracks like „Death Wish II“ or „The Warriors“. What leads us the the visual part of the release. Because the video picks up the brutal part, showing ants fighting maggots.

This reminds of „The Wild Bunch“ or „Heast Mi Geh?“. Color effects and overlays support the rhythm and dynamic. Finally, Churchpenny Allstars released the cover as NFT, available at AB2 Gallery. The band is welcoming you to the new era. A Funk Rock force you have to count with. And a syndicate incorporating more references you can count.