Maestro (Album 2022)

Luís Maldonalle

Hard/Heavy Instrumental Progressive Metal

Life is full of surprises, good and bad. Like you can plan a city, but not an accident happening there like in Goiânia. On the huge map of Brazil, it is situated in a triangle between Salvador, target of the ‚Trinity Boys’ and São Paulo, kind of close to the capital Brasília. And from there, across the high plain, the coast and the ocean, echoes a guitar sound, that literally is music to your years.

Guitarist Luís Maldonalle is member of Insanidade, author, teacher, and, looking at his comprehensive YouTube channel, connoisseur of the Classic Rock elite from Yngwie Malmsteen, Rainbow and Ritchie Blackmore, Scorpions to Aerosmith. In his solo album „Maestro“ following „Viking Heart“, he celebrates his instrument like his idols and likes of Joe Satriani, Renan Lourenço and Henrik Huber

After a short radio sample, the riff storm breaks loose, with a lot of speed and a lot of groove, making think of Flight Of Eden or Alexi Laiho and Max Cavalera. As the record unfolds, parts get more epic and mystic like Ghost. This special feeling and a fulminant shredding brutality embosses the fantastic highlight „Mea Culpa“, also reminding of Machine Head.

Next to the playfulness of licks like Tenacious D, other elements join in like choral singing and bells in „Crown Of Thorns“. Keys open the opulent „Stigmata“, like a modern slow Iron Maiden. Hard Rock, Glam Metal, Viking / Power Metal and Melodic Death like Chaos Over Cosmos or Amon Amarth, it all can be found.

Out via Tree House Records, the sound is not too technical but beautifully organic and the album is available in a wonderful wooden box with posters and more. „Maestro“ is one of the good surprises in life, a storm to your ears and balsam for your heart. And sent to the world on the same day as Ivery, Ruhmer, Dame and Metide (Metaversus PR).