Nooses (Single 2022)


Post Hardcore

There is this special thing about music. It can give you motivation when you are tired. It can give you power if your body lets you down. It can soothe your soul in moments of doubt. Happy tunes can perform these effects. But for some, „aggressive music with a dark edge“ is even more effectful.

This is why Vaataja follow the paths of their idols Oathbreaker, Deafheaven and Vein. Blackgaze, Hardcore Punk and everything around and between give them the freedom to design their first single, containing two tracks, that they can write on their banner to represent their future: „Bleak“ and the title-giving „Nooses“ from the upcoming EP “Blight”.

Vaataja aren’t new to this. Under the name Nautilus CVLT, they released music before and their tours brought them e.g. to DasBACH. These experiences melt into the composition and arrangement of this output. A lot of ideas and exact work yield this piece including music videos by Melih Kaleciklioglu for both parts.

„Bleak“ works with noises, most concise waterdrops falling. The video is chopped, with beautiful pictures like flowers next to a silhouette in the door. Baleful like in “Blue Velvet“, with distortion on the clips and the instruments too. Until the faces scream silently, and the beginning ends.

The actual song „Nooses“ starts like what might be called a typical Post Hardcore track. But the parts change, as grunts like in Death Metal like Ingested follow. The clean singing, that characterizes the second half somehow makes think of New UrengoY, while the general sound overall reminds of genre relatives Victims, Canvas, False King, hijss or Metide.

In the video, the band performs in front of soft box lights. Scenes from a forest are pojected on them, then the shots are cross-faded and everything changes from monochrome to colored in the end. This sound of Vaataja, and the power of frustration focused in this work, this might even awaken the dead.

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