Circadians (EP 2022)


Post Rock, Post Hardcore, Atmospheric, Progressive Metal

Two songs, quarter an hour. Bars full of evolution, growing further and further. Howling from the feet of the alps, from Bergamo, comes an EP celebrating heavy Prog. A genre what already has tradition in Italy, thinking of other unique examples like Solaris or Earthset.

After the album „Solution“, „Circadians“ is the second release of Metide (Metaversus PR, also Catelli feat. Milano 84, palliatives for dirty consciences). The cover by singer Omar Carissimi and Spleen Studio shows three sickles arranged symmetrically, similar to Gates To Infinity, and with a wooden scratch texture.

A sound slowly creeps up from the depths in „Circædian“ where there’s only silent left. Reverberating like a klaxon or a didgeridoo, while a voice far away talks over it, like a robot or an announcement like in „Shut Up, Be Happy“. Slowly the guitar is added, discharged like chords from The Devil’s Trade

The singing with the guitar then has bit of a Grunge and Dark Rock feeling from Seether with HIM, accusing, while the drums come in as well. Steadily the song increases, the voice going to the background again, redeemed by massive screams. For this first half, Metide also created a video, combining the elements of the artwork with live footage from the Trai Fest at Bloom in Mezzago. 

Like Ewïg Frost designed „Ain’t No Saint“ so it works as an infinite loop, Metide made the parts of the EP melt into each other too. Track two is named „Circædian (Reprise)“ as used in other records for repetitive sections. The clean voice is always there but the screams set the tone. At first, because then, the Post Metal gets more Progressive, before the instrumental volume and especially the bass come to the peak, the clean voice and screams unite, and everything comes to a clear end.

Metide bestow wonderful fifteen minutes on us with this EP. Obviously, they have Dark Post Harcore Prog running through their blood, like other representatives Crippled Black Phoenix, Celeste or Downfall Of Gaia.