Tribute To The Metal Riff Gods

The Röad Crew, Küenring

Austrian Metal Salute – Heavy Metal Night presented by Metal Lab, Viper Room Vienna, Austria 20220406

Heavy Metal, the essence of music, the drug that makes you feel invincible on speed, is the topic of the first Austrian Metal Salute. Brought out by Metal Lab, it is the start of a series of concerts, each under another banner.

With a little delay, the doors of the Viper Room are opened. But then everything goes fast, the lights go out, and Küenring walk on stage during an intro. Guitarist Wolfgang, for whom this will be a two-show-event, and singer Stefan wear their love for Thin Lizzy and the Scorpions on their chests. And indeed, Küenring have everything, a strong Heavy Metal band needs to have: The speed, the melodies, the appearance and especially a voice carrying it all. Like Iron Maiden, they have soulful moments, playing a lot form their latest full-length „Neon Nights“. Songs like „Tomorrow“ and „Don’t Give a Shit“, which they dedicate to sound engineer Nino greatly fit into the set embedded by „Into The Night“ and „Streetfight“.

Accept heat on for The Röad Crew. Austria’s Löudest Motörhead Tribute not only has new shirts showing a bursting Arena, but also the group has dig up special tunes as they tell. And it ain’t no lie, as they let us hear „Just ‘Cos You Got The Power“ in its original slow version, the outstanding „God Was Never On Your Side“ from „Kiss Of Death“, „I Don’t Believe A Word“ as birthday present and „Angel City“. Before the finals „Killed By Death“, „Ramones“, „Ace Of Spades“, „Overkill“ and „Motörhead“, they shift from „Heroes“ to „Metropolis“ once more. The focus is on the classics, but always with wonderful ideas for relatively unknown pearls. 

These two awesome shows make the very first AMS a great success. More beautiful editions will follow with e.g. Savanah, Pulse-X, Anderwelt, Gates Of Sleep or Out Of Nothing, while this night rings out with likes of Anvil and Annihilator.