Festival Warm Up Wednesday In Vienna

Michael Fritsch & The Jims, Wolf Morrison, The Boy I Used To Be, Gospel Dating Service

Museumsqartier / Café Concerto Wien, Austria 20190612


It is just one night to go to the Nova Rock Festival, located just a stone’s throw away from Austria’s capital. So when not already at the camping site, it is easily possible to make a Warm Up tour in Vienna.

As a first stop, the Museumsquartier hosts again the MQ Hofmusik, where acts like Viech, Os & The Sexual Chocolates or Prinz Grizzley played, as well as just recently the Vienna Symphony. This times act is Gospel Dating Service. They directly get into it with the fantastic “Western Gold” from their debut “Champagne”. But they do promote their new record “Sun Over Moon” too, which could be pre-ordered to support their crowd funding campaign, coming signed and with a nice inner sleeve print. And not only for the latest single “Like Wolves”, Aunty joins them this wonderful early evening, while the crowd is dancing.

The tram then is one way to get to the Gürtel. The Café Concerto presents an Open Stage for Singer-Songwriter, Folk, World and Roots Music. This night, three acts enrolled. The Boy I Used To Be starts charismatic as always. He concentrates on songs of his first EP “careless and young” including for example “Serenade” and “Waiting For The Ocean”. And for this short time, he brings more sunlight into this basement then could shine on the tables outside above.

Second one on the rock cellar stage is Vienna based musician and filmmaker Wolf Morrison. He comes up with sarcastic lyrics, topically being about relationships, the Viennese public transport or the idiocy of the city in general. He also tells that he organizes evenings for up and coming talents at the Café Carina. What leads to the last act, Michael Fritsch & The Jims, or at least with one Jim (David Walcher). The band was formed just recently and in this special occasion they appear as duo. As they are right at the beginning, it is a bit improvised as they say, but the two harmonize, have interesting lyrics that were basically poems, and the beautiful steel guitar always manages to perfectly fit to what’s musically happening.