Graylight (Album 2022)

Mila Cloud

Dronegaze / Doomgaze / Cloudgaze

The word ‚Drone‘ can describe an unmanned aerial vehicle, that unhitched the helicopter doing the beauty shots from high above for movies. And it describes a kind of music. Mixed with ‚gaze‘, you have a special trip, escorted by a ghost from Poland like „Your Ghost“ of Kirstin Hersh.

Mila Cloud is the name of a character, the spirit of a housewife, that sends her messages from the afterworld with an electric guitar. In her introduction, the artist tells, that music evolves when noone is home or everyone is asleep and that she strongly feels she has to play music. It would take her time to get used to another guitar and she loves the effects for the colors. And YouTube videos showing monster waves, frightening yet beautiful.

Graylight“ is Mila Cloud’s fourth release after the selftitled record, „Invisible Cloud“ and „Mr. Underson“. Produced at Burning Tones, it was previously released via Templo Sagital and the cover comes from Michel Leroy-Valdés. 

From the very beginning, you can feel the ruminant energy of the guitar sound. Tranquil tones with distortion floating through ones body as the eyes are closed like from Henrik Huber. Bobbing along, Mila Cloud takes you to „Tenkiller Lake“, making think of The Devil’s Trade and with the little Stoner touch, the Roadburn could be the right festival. 

The location changes, as a shaky camera leads through „Grave Land“, frightening and beautiful like the waves and the melody. From there, we get to the „Gray Meadow“, as the morning calls and the fog diffuses the light. The noise effect like from „Guitar DriverKarl Ritter then prepares for the end.

Far away in the North, The Cure and Elephant are playing and turning within the sound, and the thoughts are circling, as „Graylight“ returns you to the room of Mila Cloud. Especially the effects make you feel welcome, and so you just feel glad to be right here. With a ghost. And the drone. gaze.