Brace Before Loss (Single 2022)

Thanks For Nothing

Pop-Punk Metalcore

Rock and Rap are a good combination as you can fit Classical music with Electronic parts. Another refined fusion is Pop Punk with Metalcore elements with serious content, as „Brace Before Loss“ demonstrates impressively.

It is the new single of the upcoming EP by Thanks For Nothing after „UNTITLED“ and „Praying for Permission“. If they have named themselves after the song by Sum 41 is unclear, but in their hometown Vienna, they have shared the stage with many common names like Far From Autumn and Glazed Curtains, Steve Nipples and the Crew, Morphine Pilgrims and Here For A Reason.

Lyrically, they talk about being left, respectively the loss of a loved one, what can be guessed by seeing the artwork. It shows a biblical image of a stairway to heaven, that someone follows through the clouds. In the foreground, a skeleton hand greets a human one wearing a ring with the band’s initials. It looks like welcoming death like a good friend like „The Tale of the Three Brothers“. 

Forgiveness and hope stand out of the vibrant drums and screams, that bring up artists like Lost Zone, Splush, With Broken Wings, Story Of The Year or Jimmy Eat World. The arrangement with the melodies and the dialogue style of the singing is immaculate, and as the whole chorus comes back after the break, Thanks For Nothing demonstrate, what actually makes a good refrain, that you want to return to.

From the slow start to the adrifting verses to the valley and the climax, the song literally is „Brace Before Loss“, inviting to dance and scream and let feelings go. In the rough and direct sound costume of Thanks For Nothing’s Pop Punk Metalcore, it is the release for the young ones and those who stay young.