Friday After Work Fun The Punk Way

7 Years Bad Luck, Glue Crew

Weekends are for Party Tour, Arena Beisl Erdberg, Vienna, Austria 20220923

Summer moved on and the city’s quite awake. Visions Of Atlantis play at ((szene)), Wild Evel & The Trashbones at Chelsea, Tides From Nebula at Escape, Amber Road at Club 1019 and at STP the Metalweekend hosts likes of Endonomos on two days. Arriving at the Arena, everything is dark, only the Beisl brightly lit.

In front of the building, two vans are parking, while the two bands of the evening do the soundcheck. The first one is Glue Crew from Salzburg. While at their capital, the Academy sets a sign against the Rupertikirtag, they set out to perform especially songs from their latest album „Mundartpunk Forever“ out via SBÄM. With a lot of energy, they present „Geniale Dilettanten“, „Marilena“, „Sommerhit“, „Manda“ and „Zweite Kassa bitte“ as well as a song addressed to Kurz, „I Brenn“ and „Bleib nid so wiesd bist“. 

During the break, Anti-Flag keeps this energy going. Like Glue Crew, 7 Years Bad Luck were guests at Vienna’s own Punk festival Pirates Days already, next to Here For A Reason, Bonjourtropfen, Mudfight and more. They come even a little bit further from the west, having their headquarter in Innsbruck. Their fast and melodic songlist includes „I’m Not Gonna Sleep Tonight“, „Live Today“ as well as „Movie Star“ from their split with Dorkatron out via Monster Zero Records. With this two fun shows and the loveable venue, there is nothing missing for a grand Pop Punk Ska concert.

After a night in Vienna, the journey of both groups continues, as their „Weekends are for Party Tour“ takes them to the STWST Linz, together with Chris Magerl & The Burning Flags. And a flyer on the table promotes an evening with Neocrust band Endfrom, Kronstadt and Fuck Sorry at the EKH.