Nostalgic Dark Love Reboot

VV, Kælan Mikla

Neon Noir Tour 2023 presented by Barracuda Music at Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20230305

When the queue at the Arena goes through the whole yard, the show is probably sold out and for a long time already. The reason is that Barracuda Music has something great in the pipeline, as for the first time since years, the creator of the musical style ‘Love Metal’ returns to the big stages. 

But before, classic songs like „Kids In America“ and „Crazy Little Thing Called Love“ warm up the place before the support act Kælan Mikla. They play a mix of Post Punk, Dark Wave and Goth Rock based on synthesizer sounds, bass, singing and shouting plus a transverse flute. Especially in the spherical „Sírenur“, they get closer to their fellow countrymen from Iceland Sólstafir and even Hans Zimmer, but one can also taste some Vazum, Carpenter Brut, Deafkids or The Cure in their songs.

Many keep their spot in the hall, as soon after it is time for the headliner. In the early beginning of this young year, a murmur went through the media scene. Metal Hammer, Slam and many others put Ville Valo aka VV on their cover. HIM has gone for a while since they played e.g. at poolbar festival. But fans can follow the paths of the former members like keyboarder Antto Mealsniemi by visiting his restaurant Kuurna. And the beautiful darkness of the music has remained with bands like Ghost, Dool and more.

VV himself now is back with his first solo album „Neon Noir“. In his set, he alternates new songs with HIM classics. The audience knows the lyrics well, but not only of the ‚old‘ hits like „The Funeral of Hearts“, „Right Here in My Arms“, „Buried Alive“ or „Join Me in Death“, but also the new compositions like „Loveletting“, „The Foreverlost“ and „Run Away From the Sun“.

Basically his smile and a quick bow would be enough for his frenetic crowd, but before the final song, Ville Valo takes few moments to talk with his guests about their self-written signs and to introduce the band. As memory, his record can be bought as special limited and signed tour edition. And soon he will return for Nova Rock, and meanwhile „Uptown Top Ranking“ from the Beisl leads the way out..