The Contemporary Indie Saga Continues

Lush City Ferals, Fiesta Forever

Single-Release-Party, Kramladen, Austria 20211016

After a beautiful Friday, the Saturday is a happy release day for not only one artist. Because GAS publish their brand-new video for „Aha“. And another formation picked the Kramladen for their release party.

As support, they have Fiesta Forever, just like Jolphin two weeks before at B72. They have grown to a fairly scary wicked level. They got the moves and a great stage presence. That they start with delay is because of a drippy air-con, for which the solution is a bucket. For their new single „Volcano“, which they perform right in the beginning, they produced shirts. All profits go to the band, they joke. Rola Music took over the promotion for that one. After another strong show, they end it again together with the crowd, singing along their melody with them, just like the last time.

Then it is time for Lush City Ferals and their single release gig. Their Alternative Rock is based a lot on riffs and melodies similar to Green Day, Audioslave, H-Blockx or the Foo Fighters, they name as influence next to Queens Of The Stone Age and Arctic Monkeys. With Zoggi, they feature a member of Rehearsal Room Sessions and Ruhmer, who will play at The Loft soon. Apart of songs from their self-titled debut EP, their set includes a new track and they show their love for QOTSA on stage. The new single „Point Blank“ (not the group) itself they present at the end of the concert before the encores. As final, they deliver the „Loveless Mantis“, their version of the „Bridges Burning“ motif. 

With the enthusiastic audience, the Lush City Ferals single release party is a „rad blast“, as they post in their story later. Both bands have steadied their place in the Viennese Rock scene especially with the voices, which just fit the musical style. And for the after show, the Gürtel holds all possibilities like the Cafe Carina, where Torpedo Torpedo played or the Chelsea.