Immense War, Intense Beauty

Motorpsycho, Cadû

Presented by Roadtrip To Outta Space, Arena Wien – Große Halle, Austria 20190527


Last year in March one band played the small hall at the Arena. This year in March, another one released its debut record. And now, Roadtrip To Outta Space takes them both on the stage of the big hall, advertised with a special concert poster of Missfelidae Illustration.

Cadû definitely follows a path, formerly opening for Solar Blaze or Ultima Radio and now for this international act. From the very first moment, they create an intense atmosphere and give one goose bumps. It is the voice (“Steelstreet Blues”), the decent drums and string harmonics on bass and guitar (“Create A Haze”) and explosive parts (“Metro” and “Hyenas”) that can bond the willing listener. As the room gets filled during the gig, there are many willing to join on the way, watching singer Scharmien Zandi turn her head, making the voice come and go.

After a short break and tunes like Nazareth, Motorpsycho enter the stage inconspicuously. The through their drummer closely connected band Spidergawd just recently played here too. But hardly anyone can beat the length of their set of about 2:50 hours. Most of the time, visuals of bony tunnels, war aviators and kaleidoscopes accompany their sound switching between heavy and relaxed. Therefor they also use multi-neck and acoustic guitars. Highlights are the beautiful “Feel” and the brutal riff of “Mountain”. The audience at some point positions itself bit more around the bar to get some refreshment, but the most energy they get from the band, many being about the same age as them. The hole trip then ends in silence, being disturbed by someone snogging, a cup falling to the floor and someone starting to cheer, being interrupted with “You screwed it up!”

This little bit funny situation was the final to an incredible experience. Normally maybe wedding bands or Guns’n’Roses play that long, but with a lot of solos to have a break. One just can be happy to see them, after they even had to cancel their show in Longyearbyen.