German speaking Pop with an extra

Jo Stöckholzer & Band, gab&gal

FirleTanz #24 / “Musik” Albumreleaseshow, Kramladen Wien, Austria 20171201


FirleTanz stands for Live Acts, DJs, Dancing and Party they say and worked with bands like I’m A Sloth or Skatapult already. This time, it was an evening with friends meeting again, plus the release of a new album named “Musik”, plus the live premiere of even more new songs.

Because as support the group gab&gal perform some of the songs of their upcoming record Feronia. This night the three of the group perform the already known “London Town”, the first single “Revenge Of The Pope”, and with “15 Years” and “Time Is Relative” including this wonderful refrain, where gab’s voice sounds simply amazing, two completely new tunes. The question about their band’s name gab answers with a sloppy “gab&gal, CDs are in the back”, then realizes it might have sounded arrogant, apologizes and earns a lot of laughs. The therefore friendly three piece also played another gig at a completely crowded Cafe Nahid just the day after.

Then the time has come at the Kramladen for the already mentioned album release. Jo Stöckholzer gets on the stage barefoot, surrounded by an amazing band with drums, keys, bass and something really special and completely awesome: the alto clarinet, an extra for songs like “Verwundet”. In this formation and even adding some loops, Jo presents his barnstorming songs. Changing his guitar they perform the track “Abwechslung” (dt. Change). At one point, he just takes one of the big bulbs of their nice light setup, puts it in the middle of the room and plays one song completely unplugged there. Great thing that the audience manages to be quiet so it is possible to enjoy this special moment with campfire atmosphere.

Being bit remembered of the Magic Delphin release show at the Chelsea one month before, Jo Stöckholzer too proofs, that there are great young songwriter around, doing german speaking Pop-Rock.