Margot (Single 2022)

Noise Flow

Electronic Post Rock

To mix and to develop seems to be the highest good for a special formation, rooted in famous Brno, Czech Republic. Colorful and diverse is their appearance with the logo and name as well as their sound, mixing handmade Rock with Electro elements. 

Under the musical words Noise Flow, the five-piece released a bunch of singles the last few years already. Entitled e.g. „The Fall“, „Toxic Reality“ or „Dawn of the World“, there’s some Skate Punk to find, and as influences they list Foals, Kasabian, Placebo and Pendulum

Their latest Track „Margot“ talking about a ‚suburban queen‘ starts with some synthie keys melody, leading to a Post Rock introduction like The Ills or The Underground Youth. The verse goes straight, while the rhythm changes for the chorus, and at the end, Noise Flow add a breakdown part. 

Like they don’t leave the Rock field for pure Electro like Crystal Method, Overseer or Lawine but stir it up, they also work with common images from the genre in their official music video. Before that, they published a lyric video already, and the „Ziki Mix“ as well. In the clip, they perform at a skatepark, like Good Charlotte or from more close Here For A Reason.

Another element they include is the drawing, like we remember from Linkin Park (shot in Prague) for example. Kids are doing tricks in the background and the camera is always moving and turning around the protagonists. Obviously a lot of ideas found their way into this visual part, and into the song of course as well.

Finally Noise Flow take from primary Rock combos and create a modern sound with Electronic impact. A ramified way, but on the pulse of time, similar yet different to acts like Highly Suspect, Leoniden, The Rocket or Fleks.