What Came Up The River

Northern Revival, The Muddy Moon

Spring Tour 2024 presented by U.F.O. Bookings, Arena Beisl Erdberg, Wien, Austria 20240422

Following the Danube down it’s way to the Black Sea, passing the capitals Bratislava and Budapest but before Belgrade, north of Fruška Gora National Park, the city Novi Sad is situated. From there a band started out to bring their Heavy Rock Stoner Metal across Europe and the Arena Beisl, while 1914 dismantle the Escape.

Tunes of Monster Magnet alternate with The Yardbirds. As support, U.F.O. Bookings welcomes The Muddy Moon on stage. To spice up their Beatles Tom Petty Indie Blues Rock’n’Roll, they have a killer on guitar: ‚Jimmy die Tulpe‘. For „Radio Glow“, he unpacks the mouth harp. Other songs talk about the devils dance or their original band-name. The last two songs are on ‚Bravo ’98‘ as they joke, including the song „Buffalo“. 

From fine Rock’n’Roll, it continues with the heavy Betzefer Groove from Serbia: Northern Revival played with 1000mods, Nightstalker and many others and e.g. on Exit Festival or Naša Stvar. Even though there are not many, the mood is fantastic as they bang heads with tracks like „Psychosis“ from their latest album „Modification“. 

This, they have brought with them on CD, next to beautiful posters, stickers and patches at the merch table next to the stage. Up there, the two voices harmonize and all of the sound of the instruments blasts through the Beisl like a cold wind breaking through the door and slamming to the back. 

Unfortunately, every great show like this has to come to an end. So the only pity at the end is, that it didn’t last bit longer. But the walls at the Beisl are like a calendar, with Cromulents, Disasko, Urban Misery, The Argies or Gusch up next as well as likes of Castingcouch, Soviet Soviet and the Circus around.