Cool Beats Illustrating Sarcastic Fun

Von Seiten der Gemeinde

10 Jahre VSDG presented by 50 Years of Hip Hop at Flex Café Wien, Austria 20240426

Springtime’s back, as we pass Schwedenplatz and U-Bahn-Star Timay and go up the Danube Canal. While Darkfall darkens the Escape and Hangover Division rock Fanialive, at Flex, two events are sceduled. At the hall, Anda Morts makes the fans queue. And at the café, 50 Years Of Hip Hop presents the 10th anniversary of a Tyrolean group like soon Masta Ace & Marco Polo

Obviously, the Flex Café has always been a great venue for gigs of this size like for Carnifex but especially for Rap shows like Onyx and Fokis. In the left corner, several pinball machines invite to play, while on the opposite side, the graffiti hoodies and vinyls of Von Seiten der Gemeinde are available. Beats from likes of Sugarhill Gang prepare for the groove of the following show. 

Ten years of VSDG, Yo!Zepp, Testa and Chrisfader. Three albums, „Regulierung“ and „Pfau EP“ with Da Kessl (Mo Cess, Klaus Run & Pirmin) and other collaboration like with David Scheid via Duzz Down San. Tonight, they celebrate in front of the lightwall and with the 50 Years banner on the DJ desk, beginning with their latest „Almen aus Plastik“. 

Then one highlight follows the next: „Baurajazz“ from the selftitled debut, „Årbada“ and „Huaraviecher “ representing the „State of Gmeind“. Songs like „Kaskiachla“ explain how to make a dish for the traditional event named „Scheibenschlagen“ and other happenings like in „Gemeindetraktor“. 

When Yo!Zepp is not rapping, Testa and Chrisfader go to the fullest like for „Wolffreie Zone“. They also give away one free vinyl, seemingly happy about having a physical release of the debut. Their recipe of big beats, funny samples and critical content works fantastically.

And for those who did not get enough at this familiar show, Iceberg holds the opportunity to dance to more Hip Hop with the beat boutique at Dreiraum