Cold Place (Single 2021)

Old Mrs. Bates

Alternative Blues Rock

Crazy and well-produced narrative music videos are the hottest stuff those days it seems. After Spitting Ibex recently put out their short film for „Dingo Jackson“, another Rock outfit presents their dark visions.

Old Mrs. Bates has been around some time already on the stages. They performed with likes of Odd Couple, Jay Cooper, Kindergarten, Black Cage, Caged Wolves and Momo at venues like DasBACH, Wombat’s Lounge, Mi Barrio and various Gürtel locations like Kramladen or Coco. Unfortunately, the release show for the single „Cold Place“ together with Jolphin and Jeanny at B72 had to be postponed.

Nevertheless, the band that also appeared as 8 Mrs. Bits has put out the music video to advertise their upcoming new EP promoted by Rola Music . The song starts quiet with several voices, just to break everything down shortly after in heavy distortion. The fire is a cracking beat, the engine is Fuzz. In the verses, the feeling is contemporary Indie all over, Kasabian send their regards. The melody of the chorus then even reminds of „White Wedding“, and in the bridge, one could hear the „Havana Affaircover of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in the riff.

In addition, Old Mrs. Bates produced a brutal video for the song. The single cover gives a first hint with the plastic overall, like the name „Bates“ from „Psycho“. In the beautifully graded intro scene, a woman watches a person die with a bag over its head. With her haircut and dance moves, she reminds of Mia from „Pulp Fiction“, putting on the tape machine. Her scary actions are similar to those from movie characters going berserk like in „American Psycho“, „Falling Down“, „Pusher“, „Layer Cake“ or Body Counts “All Love Is Lost“. Also not only big Pop stars know how to work with shadows. Like this, the wonderfully crafted clip with the powerful track are high class movie entertainment.