Dingo Jackson (Single 2021)

Spitting Ibex


In November, the first snow of the year brings in a lot of new music. Kids In Cages and Fiesta Forever present new material and Almost Famous even celebrates a double single release. And another band asks the question, if their output still counts as music video or more as short movie.

Spitting Ibex been on stage at the Kultursommer and now already release the fifth video of their album „Love Hate Fear Fate“ after e.g. “Illusions” featuring Jahson The Scientist and „Shake Us Up“ inbetween. The name of the new clip „Dingo Jackson“ kind of associates characters like John Dillinger or Django and already appeared on „Move Something“. 

The song itself has a lot of moving vibes with a fantastic beat and a powerful 80s feeling like The Helmut Bergers. The riff is grooving like a Stoner or Garage Rock one from likes of Queens Of The Stone Age, Royal Blood or Blood Red Shoes. The high singing in the verse also reminds of songs from Muse or Weezer, with a deep male voice in the background. In the chorus, it feels even more like dancing, with the tom drums and the nice and nasty guitar. The organ at the and brings up „Thriller“ or Classic Glam Rock.

In the video, they deal with the terms guilt, justice and conviction. This and the setting in the courtroom make think of movies like „The Green Mile“, „Of Mice And Men“, „Murder In The First“ or series like „Law And Order“. Similar laborious short films were created for „Appetite For Destruction“ or „It’s My Life“ and the overalls were used by Kotitellisuus and the electric chair by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince as well.

This concept and the great realization make „Dingo Jackson“ a cinematic pleasure, with a great scenery and probs and a bumping song, that will not only lift the judges and the jury from their seats.