Walk With Me (Lyric Video 2022)


Doom, Doomrock, Heavy Metal

The wonderful beauty of slow Doom Rock and Metal doesn’t open up to everyone. But if it does, there lies a special magic in those crumbling riffs, conceived by likes of Saint Vitus and The Obsessed and pursued by Hamferð, Isole, 1782, The Long Hunt or Endonomos.

From the southern nordland, where vikings started their expeditions, more precise Kristiansand in Norway, a new breed of heaviness has set out to explore own visions and foreign realms. Omegashift claim that they are ‚not up to date on what’s hot or not‘, but certainly they know where they want to head to. Recording most parts live in one take at the rehearsal room with Anders Elle, they want to ‚show what we can do, not what we can’t‘.

With this doctrine, they crafted the „Doctrine of Dust“. With the single title „Walk With Me“, at first sight, one could think of From Hell’sThe Walking Dead“. But despite the rough DIY ethos similar to Chang Ffos, Temptress or Lost Spirit, they also provide positivity in their depths of sound and list The 3rd and the Mortal and Madder Mortem as related bands.

The gloomy Prog melody with appealing guitar sound immediately brings up likes of Opeth and Wheel. The voice lays on the adjusted rhythm undemonstratively, yet remarkable like the Oceans of Slumber. In the middle part, „The Burning Red“ opens its blossom, before the bass glides upon. And at the end, Tony Drozdjek (Witchcraft, Pærkele) contributes a solo.

For the lyric video, support comes from Sven Rothe. The cold blue imagery is moving like sleet across the sea and shore, as the wind carries the limbs and guides the birds. The cottage from the record cover reminds of „Enemy Remains“ and served as photo spot for the band members. Ultimately, the skull under the omega and band logo are shown with a stone-like texture.

Like in the song and lyrics, Omegashift do add some positivity in the video as it gets bright at a specific moment: „Stay with me and find rest“.