Celebrating The Last Big Open Air Of The Year

Sum 41, Simple Plan, Cassyette

„Does This Look All Killer No Filler“ Tour presented by PSI2 Music, Arena Wien Open Air, Austria 20221005

In for a penny, in for a pound, in for a Green Day, in for an Offspring. And as well in for a Canadian double feature of Pop Punk history, with a support, that might have blown away the cold alone.

At Landstrasse on the way to Arena, one half of Weiss und Kranics plays G’n’R. It might be the last big open air for this year at the place. Since the first with Franz Ferdinand, many happened between this season. Now PSI2 is responsible again to end it with a blast. 

The drummer and guitarist hit the stage first making some noise, before Cassyette joins herself and screams wildly. The kind of (Post) Grunge with Nu Metal flavor with the aggression of King 810 and melody of Evanescence bursts everything expected. A fantastic starter, bringing in „Mayhem“.

During the changeover, Blur, Jimmy Eat World, Blink-182 and Good Charlotte maintain the mood. Simple Plan gained publicity with hits like „Perfect World“ in early 2000s. Now they even have a new generation of fans due to the popularity of „I’m Just a Kid“ on TikTok. Their set includes „Shut Up!“ as well as „Your Love Is a Lie“ and a medley of „All Star“, „Sk8er Boi“ and „Mr. Brightside“. Coming to „Where I Belong“, they recall how they went to shows of likes of NOFX, Face To Face and Lagwagon.

With their dedication, everybody in the audience is in to this Rock Show. And the jumping and waving continues. Sum 41 ring in their performance with AC/DC. Since they presented their latest album at Nova Rock, they go deep into their first two records with this tour with songs like „The Hell Song“, „In Too Deep“ and „Fat Lip“. But also tunes like the great „Pieces“ from „Chuck“ must not be missing. And as their upcoming double LP will be one half Metal, a proper pit in the front must not be missing as well. An appropriate final for a neat open air season.