Hip Hop to move and think about

Philiam Shakesbeat, Flowsta, iLLu$ioN

EP Releaseshow, Kramladen, Vienna, Austria 2017-05-04


Coming from the punk rock band The Forum Walters, Philipp Eisl converted to another genre: Philiam Shakesbeat is the name of his new Hip Hop project. At the Kramladen in Vienna, he played his first show presenting his debut EP.

For this special occasion, he got some guests with him. Flowsta from the group Symbiotika is the first one on stage. Starting with a freestyle, it does not take him long to get the people excited. His relaxed and humorous performance makes a good opener. The lyrics range from human problems to politics and his uniqueness that obviously is given because of this friendly appearance.

As iLLu$ioN joins, the songs get more serious, and the beats heavier. Walking up and down like a tiger, he tells his opinion on topics like also politics or the police. One of the highlights is the track “Über Stock und Stein” about the situation of the refugees the two wrote together. “Hast du das erlebt?” – “Did you experience that?” they ask in the chorus, a very good question for many people.

After this great double feature, it is time for the actual main reason of the concert: the EP release of Philiam Shakesbeat. He presents all the songs from the CD and also adds some more between them. As supporting musician, he got Treasureman (Kendler, Elis Noa) on drums, to give the beats an extra push. And the audience seems to feel it, moving to the sound and obviously having fun. Also Shakesbeat presents himself quite political, against walls and stating a racist stays a racist even if he forgets it.

At the end the single “Geh Oida” with its honest and funny lyrics is only one of the highlights in the set of Philiam Shakesbeat, and also just one reason, that made his first Hip Hop show a success.