My Bleeding Back (Single 2020)

Rebel Riot

Hard’n’Heavy Rock’n’Roll

The pure essence of Hard Rock somehow applies anywhere, from grey industrial sites to colorful boulevards to wide roads in desertlike mountains. Strolling around the alleys of Riga, you can buy vinyls at e.g. eLPee or Unisons, grab some food at Hesburger, have a drink at Garāža bar and then continue to the club Depo for a concert.

If you are lucky, you stumble across the band Rebel Riot there. The local Heavy outfit appeared on the radar of Vlad Nowajczyk (, PR for Kill Frenzy, Tassack, RawFoil and more) and found its way to the station Stahlradio. After „Make A Mess“, „Destructive Chaos“ and „The Good, The Bad And The Heavy“, they are up for a new album. The first single was entitled „Pedal To The Metal“ like the Kazzer song known from „Malcolm In The Middle“. And this is number two „My Bleeding Back“.

It starts with the drums, shortly reminding of beginnings from Iron Maiden or The Offspring. As the guitars jump in, the uplifting feeling goes to maximum immediately. An amazing riff, that builds the basement for the song, as catchy as the voice. Real good-mood Rock sound, that even fancies Stoner a little bit.

Guitar solos must not be missing as well as little details like the choir shout in the first verse, while the lyrics speak of motivation: „But I’ll dance some Rock’n’Roll“, singer Bob Concrete determines at the end. Like this, the tune brings up thoughts on classics like Thin Lizzy, Kiss or mighty Alice Cooper.

Stepping deeper into the sound of Rebel Riot, you could also find a Grunge feeling or even gloomy occult strains like from Ghost. For fans of powerful and melodic Hard’n’Heavy music like Deaf Rat and Santa Cruz and riff lovers, „My Bleeding Back“ definitely functions as appetizer for more. Because this is how the Angels’ share of Rock is distilled.