The Upgrade

Elis Noa, We Love Silence

Frühlingstour 2018, B72 Wien, Austria 20180321


Spring is has not arrived so far concerning the weather in Vienna, but it is getting warmer step by step. And so a local Electronic/Art-Pop/Future-Soul band as they describe their music starts their spring tour in one of the nicest clubs ever, the B72.

As support they got a group called We Love Silence. A Cello, a guitar and a piano are the ingredients of this beautiful music. Within seconds, Lukas Staudinger, Ida Leidl and Simon Raab manage to conjure a completely different atmosphere into the club than you know from the great classic Pop and Rock parties you already celebrated there. “Veronica’s Blue Eyes” is the name of the record they brought with them, “Love Is For Free” one highlight besides “Princess Of Secrets” and a Bon Iver cover, that wins a lot through the impressive voice of Lukas.

The hosts who invite you to dance after are Elis Noa. The band around singer Elisa Godino not only brought new material with them but also elate a fully crowded B72 with their performance. A simple joy coming from the stage is taking over the audience. Drummer Michael Schatzmann partly sings background vocals, what appears as nice addition to Elisas big voice, the saxophone parts of Aaron Hader are lovely as always and Angel Vassilev is caught up in the music behind his mighty wall of keys. In the video for their latest single “Motto” the band is dancing and so they ask the crowd to do the same for it. And as the people won’t let the band go, they finish with short but sweet Frank Ocean / Destiny’s Child cover.

The B72 is an amazing place anyway because of the friendly people working there and the music selection in general. And with bands like this evening it can get even more special.


Photo © Ben E. Riot of La Vie Excessive