Sacred… Music Is My Religion (Single 2023)

Renan Lourenço

Instrumental Fusion Rock

In times, when AI takes over the written word, imageries and the audio world, pure hand crafted notes can be a blessing. Even though the new technology can be used in a good way like in „Now And Then“, it can feel like getting outside into the nature, like patter of rain on the skin. 

The rain in this case comes from a storm unleashed by Renan Lourenço, who acclaimed the facets of the guitar on his last album „Inception“. Looking at the title of his new single, two heavy Rock legends come to ones mind: Wino and the record „Sacred“ and Lemmy with his lyrics „Rock’n’Roll music is the true religion“, as the song is named „Sacred… Music Is My Religion“.

This duality somehow can be found on the artwork by Marcela Takei and illustration by Renan Ogasawara, as the forest in the back is divided by a valley. On top, the title is enthroned and below the logo with the guitar corpus and kind of bridge implemented. But the eye-catcher is in the middle: a hand with Jack cables above a head like a saint another hand holding a cross with strings.

First indications of the coming storm remind of In Flames, Chaos Over Cosmos and WhoCares. Then the song breaks breaks free, all inclusive with keys by Fabricio Martins plus extremely crisp drums by Bruno Pamplona. Sometimes the tension loosens, goes back and forth with effects, fine parts and a returning basic motif.

Therefore, „For The Greater Good Of God“ and „El Dorado“ come to ones mind as well as Classic Rock from Deep Purple, Uriah Heep to Lenny Kravitz. Finally Wesley Cesar joins on saxophone, that blends in wonderfully well before the guitar takes over and off ones more like an aeroplane. 

Produced by Alexandre Bressan (3EM1), the track by Renan Lourenço celebrates the playful and crazy instrumental possiblities again like his countryman Luís Maldonalle, Twangmen or Peter Ratzenbeck on the acoustic guitar.